Details - Howl’s Moving Castle

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Twin Dao Swords

  • Dated: circa 18th century
  • Culture: Chinese
  • Medium: steel, copper, silk, wood, leather

Source: Copyright © 2014 Historical Arms & Armor

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Mirai Nagasu feat. Adam Rippon's choreography || “Demons" by Imagine Dragons [x]





a crow is a mother

omg too cute

the way the dog so gently takes the treat makes me so happy


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Sergius Hruby. Belehrung. 1935. 

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Lindorm Dragon (From the Alchemical Scrolls of Sir George Ripley)

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pia douwes meme: never ending friendships [1/3]

"Diamonds are forever, they are all I need to please me. There are no other words that could express my love and friendship better than these James Bond lyrics. Sharing the stage and friendship with Pia became a very important part of my life and this magic sparkle I will always carry in my heart.” - Uwe Kröger

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You may bury my body
down by the highway side
So my old evil spirit
Can catch a Greyhound bus and ride

- Robert Johnson, Me and the Devil Blues

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Let those who may complain that it was all on paper remember that only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love.

George Bernard Shaw on his correspondence with Ellen Terry (via a-tundra-toadstool)

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Title: The Stars are Projectors Artist: Modest Mouse 759 plays

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Frozen meets “Defying Gravity”

The execution of this is so flawless, it took my breath away.

oh my god, actual tears are pouring out of my face right now, I am so completely overwhelmed

the editing, the editing, jfc, it’s seamless and incredible and I have no words. absolutely none.

*Wheezes* I think I legitimately stopped breathing for the majority of this. I was absolutely awestruck. 


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"Up close, she’s even more beautiful than I remember."

Title: Bloody Shirt (Bastille Remix) Artist: To Kill A King 23,819 plays
Get out and get gone
This town is only gonna get worse…

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Not sure if I ever posted this one but I figured we could do with a #notwilderforest post. It’s from Lyrebird, my 2013 collection.



Bacteria Turn Plants and Insects into Zombies

Parasites can turn plants into zombies and a team of scientists from the John Innes Center in Norwich, UK, has now discovered how they do it.

When plants are infected by parasitic bacteria called phytoplasmas, their flowers turn into leafy shoots, their petals turn green and they develop a mass of shoots called ‘witches’ brooms’. This transformation sterilizes the plant, while attracting the sap-sucking insects that carry the bacteria to new hosts.

“The plant appears alive, but it’s only there for the good of the pathogen,” says plant pathologist Saskia Hogenhout from the John Innes Center in Norwich, UK. “In an evolutionary sense, the plant is dead and will not produce offspring.”

“Many might baulk at the concept of a zombie plant because the idea of plants behaving is strange,” says David Hughes, a parasitologist at Pennsylvania State University in University Park. “But they do, and since they do, why wouldn’t parasites have evolved to take over their behavior, as they do for ants and crickets?”

Flowers of Madagascar rosy periwinkle infected by a bacterium produce leaf-like petals and attract a leafhopper that serves as the pathogen’s next vector.