Guillaume Côté -The National Ballet of Canada

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(sweats) i just want to test some brushes

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Cersei paced her cell, restless as the caged lions that had lived in the bowels of Casterly Rock when she was a girl, a legacy of her grandfather’s time. She and Jaime used to dare each other to climb into their cage, and once she worked up enough courage to slip her hand between two bars and touch one of the great tawny beasts. She was always bolder than her brother. The lion had turned his head to stare at her with huge golden eyes. Then he licked her fingers. His tongue was as rough as a rasp, but even so she would not pull her hand back, not until Jaime took her by the shoulders and yanked her away from the cage.

“Your turn,” she told him afterward. “Pull his mane, I dare you.”

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[DragonsKeep Chainmaille Jacket Chains]


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DIY  Potion and Spell Book Tutorial from Better After. This is a really good tutorial using plastic toys, glue gun, cardstock and paper towels. This FIY is based on a tutorial by SEEING THINGS - my favorite Halloween Blog that had great printables and tutorials and is now DEAD & GONE. This is why if I see a printable I like, I don’t wait unitl later to download it.

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Title: Slip Away (Aaron Strumpel Remix) Artist: Josh Garrels 33 plays


Hold on, before I slip away
The flame’s gone dark, I am afraid
How strong is flesh and blood?
I cannot take back what I’ve done

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Apollo says:

ανθρώπών δ’ άλλον δηλήσομαι, άλλον ονήσω,
πολλά περιτροπέων αμεγάρτων φυλ’ ανθρώπων

"And for humans, I will do harm to one and aid another,
greatly whirling about the race of men unenviably.”

- Homeric Hymn to Hermes, lines 540-541

….well, I guess it’s nice that he acknowledges it so openly?


I am going to print this out, laminate it, and keep it with my gloves and spade.

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Title: Pagan Poetry Artist: Björk 16,347 plays


Pagan Poetry - Björk



Röyksopp - What Else Is There?

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Alice Cooper - Halloween on the Muppet Show

Because it starts with one of the best lines ever.

One of my favorite episodes of The Muppet Show, ever. 

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Title: Want Artist: Recoil 356 plays

I want to know how it will end. 
I want to be sure of what it will cost. 
I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me. 
I want you to call me on your drug phone. 
I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of murder later. 

I want to be there when you learn the cost of desire. 
I want you to understand that my malevolence is just a way to win. 
I want the name of the ruiner. 
I want matches in case I have to suddenly burn. 
I want you to know that being kind is overrated. 
I want to write my secret across your sky. 
I want to watch you lose control. 
I want to watch you lose. 

I want to know exactly what it’s going to take. 
I want to see you insert yourself into glory. 
I want your touches to scar me so I’ll know where you’ve been. 
I want you to watch when I go down in flames. 
I want a list of atrocities done in your name. 
I want to reach my hand into the dark and feel what reaches back.

I want to remember when my nightmares were clearer. 
I want to be there when your hot black rage rips wide open. 
I want to taste my own kind. 
I want to be wrapped in cold wet sheets to see if it’s different on this side. 

I want you to come on strong. 
I want to leave you out in the cold. 
I want the exact same thing but different. 

I want some soft drugs…some soft, soft drugs. 
I want to throw you. 
I want you to know I know. 
I want to know if you read me. 

I want to swing with my eyes shut and see what I hit.
I want to know just how much you hate me so I can predict what you’ll do. 
I want you to know the wounds are self-inflicted. 
I want a controlling interest. 
I want to be somewhere beautiful when I die. 
I want to be your secret hater. 
I want to stop destroying you but I can’t. 

And I want. And I want. And I want. And I will always be hungry. 
And I want. And I want. And I want.

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“The Benevolent Dragon or Iguana”  Oaxaca, Mexico. Photographer: Holly Wilmeth, National Geographic, 2014

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Can You Smell That Smell? It’s Theatrical Scent Design ›


"Theatre has begun to embrace a new type of designer. Their work is invisible, but, if done correctly, it can have a palpable impact on the performance. I interviewed David Bernstein about his work in the burgeoning field of scent design.