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Alright, I’m obviously NOT asking for recipes made from PEOPLE, but is there a blogger out there, maybe a foodie or professional chef, who writes up approximations of the recipes seen on Hannibal?  If not, get on that.  That’s a Tumblr Famous blog in the making, I think.  

But, as I lack that specific skill set, I would very much like a blog-rec to said blog, if said blog exists. :)


The head food designer chef person puts all the meal rationales/process/recipes up on her blog!

It’s a really great read.

OH, wow, the deep thought process behind the food scenes, discussed to the point of meta-analysis, with poetry and pictures! How she made it look horrible yet delicious…

Oh, how I want to eat an equivalent meal. You know, without people. If Mads Mikkelsen came around and plated it I would not say no.


This is probably my favorite Sleep No More photo of all time. 

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Can’t believe this time last year I was seeing Sleep No More for the first time. Still one of the most amazing theatre experiences I’ve had. 

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Oh god.

The fact that she calls him a coward when his cowardice is what lost him everything. 

His cowardice is what keeps losing him everything.  And his true love is a woman whose best line, imo, is about doing the brave thing and hoping bravery will follow.  Coincidence?